Lego Heroica

In 2011-2012 Lego released a line of sets called Heroica. This was a roll-and-move fantasy-RPG boardgame, alongside some nice microscale environs. It drew comparisons to HeroQuest, though it was much simpler. Despite its balance issues (some character powers are much better than others) and rule ambiguities, it created a lot of buzz among Lego fans and boardgame hobbyists.

As usual for its games, Lego discontinued the project within two years, and after that deleted its web presence.


There were four initial Heroica sets released in 2011. Each was playable independently, or could be combined into one "Epic Heroica" board.

Along with the initial four boards, they released a "storage mat" (853358). Inscrutably, it was too small to hold more than one set at a time; its most interesting feature was showcasing three areas in the Heroica world that never got turned into games. They also released a variety some trading cards as marketing promotions.

In 2012, they added two more (and for some reason, stopped showing Nathuz):

As of 2015, all but Ganrash are still available at online retailers and many third-party stores (at fluctuating but usually reasonable prices), but are no longer available from Lego directly. Ganrash is sometimes available at inflated prices, but be aware that anyone selling it without the original bag has probably built it from individual parts of other Lego sets to offer at a huge markup. You can build most of it yourself with parts from any other Heroica set combined with the daggers from Mini-Taurus (3864) (which also contains an easily-repurposable minotaur final boss and four more microfigures).

Additionally, Lego produced The Lord of the Rings - The Battle for Helm's Deep (50011 - not 9474) which used similar rules and builds for a two-player asymmetrical skirmish game. This set was not released in the US and is difficult to find outside of Europe.


Each set contained a different group of heroes and different special rules, though they are all inter-compatible.

And for completeness,

Heroica in LDraw

I've made some custom LDraw parts for prototyping Heroica maps.