Linkspam, May 4th, 2013

Mike Joffe deconstructs Super Princess Peach and finds that, although it continues Nintendo's history of problematic character design, it also has some unlikely subtext that helped him resonate with Peach's character:

Bowser's giant vibrating phallus of emotion is too strong for other men, but it leaves him irrational and emotive, allowing the collected, in-control female hero to defeat him with her logical use and understanding of her emotions.

An essay by Jordan Erica Webber in the latest issue of Five out of Ten, Reflecting Reality, covers similar ground but with a different conclusion while considering Patricia Tannis in Borderlands 2. (There's other good stuff in the magazine too.)

Aniwey's Candy Box was pretty cool until I accidentally hit backspace and lost a couple (critical) hours of progress.

High-resolution background art from Final Fantasy IX, cut from the game (probably for size reasons). FFIX is the only one in the series I've respected more as I age (and probably mature). I would love to see these put into a re-release or hacked into the existing game.

Some recommendations after a week of playing Ludum Dare games:

I had planned to have more than videogame links here but between Ludum Dare and me being completely disorganized I have forgotten them all.