Ludum Dare 26 - 123456789

I made a game called 1234567891 for Ludum Dare 26. It's a short web-based puzzle game. At first I didn't much like the theme and wasn't going to do anything. (I prefer to view themes as prompts for something the game should be about, not just a style for the game to be in.) But my wife was playing Hyperdimension Neptunia V all day so I had to do something other than Monster Hunter for a change. It probably took about five hours to make playable and then another two to add sound, playtest and make some interface tweaks.

I don't really like puzzle three but it's doing double-duty as a hint for puzzle nine, which is inscrutable enough even with it. People are having more trouble with puzzle six than I expected.2 Puzzle eight is perfect.

The core mechanics and feel are inspired by Nemesis Factor, a toy that felt like something you'd find in an abandoned Martian daycare center. The form is inspired by Anna Anthropy, Leon Arnott, and Liz Ryerson's Triad - a quick riff on a theme and then it's over, no time wasted on a 255 board checklist or "infinite procedural levels!" no one will play.

Like my last completed Ludum Dare game it uses Perlenspiel and should run properly in any modern-ish browser, including phones and tablets (for which a secret button appears since you can't just press Escape).

  1. No relation to 86856527. Which you should totally play. 

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